Therapy for Adolescents and Children

Growing up can be difficult. Children and Adolescents often struggle both internally and externally with the changes that occur as they grow and develop.

Mental health is one of the most important factors of overall health and yet it is often not addressed. For a young person with symptoms of a mental disorder, emotional challenges, behavioral issues, or relationship difficulties, the earlier treatment is started, the more effective it can be.

Early treatment can help prevent more severe, lasting problems as a child and adolescent grows up. It can help children and families understand and resolve problems, modify behavior, and make positive changes in their lives.

Some signs that your child or adolescent would benefit from therapy:

  • Having frequent tantrums or are intensely irritable much of the time
  • Often talk about fears or worries
  • Complain about frequent stomach aches or headaches with no known medical cause
  • Sleep too much or too little, have frequent nightmares or seem sleepy during the day
  • Are not interested in playing with other children or have difficulty making friends
  • Struggle academically or have experienced a recent decline in grades
  • Repeat actions or check things many times out of fear that something bad may happen.
  • Have lost interest in things that they used to enjoy
  • Are spending more and more time alone, and avoid social activities with friends or family
  • Fear gaining weight, or diet or exercise excessively
  • Engage in self-harm behaviors (e.g., cutting or burning their skin)
  • Smoke, drink alcohol or use drugs
  • Engage in risky or destructive behavior alone or with friends
  • Have thoughts of suicide

If you are interested in helping your child or adolescent to understand their feelings, communicate with others in a healthy way, improve relationships, and find the tools necessary to combat mental health and other challenges, please reach out today to schedule an appointment.