“When words are not enough, we turn to images and symbols to tell our stories. And in telling our stories through art, we find pathways to wellness, recovery, and transformation.”
― Cathy Malchiodi.

As a trained Art Therapist, I use art and the use of creative techniques such as drawing, painting, collage, or sculpting to help people gain more awareness of themselves through artistic expression. Because art therapy allows people to express feelings on any subject through non-verbal creative work rather than with speech, Art therapy can be particularly helpful for those who feel out of touch with their emotions or feelings or have difficulty discussing or remembering painful experiences. It is also beneficial in helping children and teens, who are still learning how to communicate the things they are struggle with inside of them, find an accessible and safe way to do so. In working together, we can use art to make sense of and cope with your emotions and experiences and find unconscious meaning in the nonverbal messages, symbols, and metaphors often found in these art forms. In doing so, you can better understand yourself and your feelings so you can move on to resolve deeper issues that keep you stuck in your life. Art therapy helps improve self-esteem, improve mood, manage addictions, relieve stress, improve symptoms of anxiety and depression, work through trauma in a non-threatening way, and cope with a physical illness or disability. No artistic talent is necessary for art therapy to succeed, because the therapeutic process is not about the artistic value of the work, but rather about finding links between the creative choices made and your inner life.